Ken Anthony has been trained and certified as a civil mediator since 1994 and as a family mediator since 1995. He believes in the mediation process as a sensible, civilized method for parties to resolve differences, and has been overwhelmingly successful, both as a lawyer and as a mediator, in helping people reach satisfactory resolutions without trial.

Mediation is a process through which the parties, with the help of a neutral third-party mediator, fashion their own mutually satisfactory settlement. The parties meet and the mediator attempts to determine if there is common ground on which a settlement can be reached. The process is informal and confidential. Mediation is usually successful; the vast majority of cases settle in mediation. This way, the parties can reach their own settlement, and avoid leaving their case to an unknown judge or jury to decide in a way that may not please either. Through this method, it is possible for both parties to win and to resolve their case without enduring the lengthy, expensive and arduous court system.

Family mediation can be a way for people to resolve difficult issues such as property division and child custody without the delays, and particularly the bitterness, which is inherent in the traditional legal process. People can craft a solution that suits their individual family, personalities and work schedules rather than having a resolution forced upon them that may not be in their best interest or that of their children. They can avoid months of waiting and uncertainty and thousand of dollars in cost. Most importantly, they can preserve a civil relationship and establish a framework for resolving issues that may arise in the future.

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